Case Studies


Glasgow City Building

Contract Value: £1,600,000
Contract Type: Framework Agreement

Project Description

The works comprised the removal and disposal of Asbestos products from a variety of locations within the 1970’s built schools throughout Glasgow. The schools are known as Consortium of Local Authority Special Program (CLASP) buildings and built using a standard steel frame, overclad with brickwork.

The works were conducted in partnership with Glasgow City Building (GCB) during the window replacement and refurbishment programme, from March to August 2016. The works involved the removal of asbestos insulation board ceiling tiles and wall panels with the removal of full window units complete with asbestos sealant.

Enviraz were employed as sub-contractor, directly answerable to GCB who were managing the contract. Enviraz’ role was to provide asbestos removal only, with GCB responsible for all follow-on refurbishment works and window replacement.

Working areas were either fully decanted, with students relocated elsewhere on-site, or were empty during school holidays to ensure minimal disruption to staff, students and visitors. Enviraz worked closely with GCB to ensure the project was continuous, with seamless transitions between project sequences.


Enviraz’ role throughout each project was that of sub-contractor, with GCB providing overall management of the site, provision of scaffold and establishment of welfare provisions.
Works were completed within asbestos removal enclosures, under fully controlled conditions, complete with negative pressure, to remove asbestos ceiling tiles and clean ceiling voids. Upon completion of works, each area was subject to a 4-stage air clearance to ensure the area was safe for reoccupation.
Additional works to remove window units, complete with asbestos containing mastic/putty, were undertaken, by removing the window units whole and ensuring no disturbance of materials. The project goal was to provide the client with an asbestos-free environment within which to replace window units and undertake general refurbishment.
As the sites were all working schools, Enviraz had to carry out works with full appreciation of the environment, and be conscientious towards staff, pupils and visitors. Working together with GCB, we were able to coordinate works and communicate our plans effectively to provide our service within this sensitive environment and to meet defined project goals.

Project Team

Ralph Cruickshanks, was Lead Contracts Manager for the duration of this contract. As head of Enviraz Operations, Ralph’s near 30 years’ experience in the asbestos industry was beneficial, as he acted as the main point of contact for our client throughout the contract. Ralph was supported by our Health & Safety Officer Officer, Jonathan Green.

The on-site Supervisor, Steven McCarter holds all relevant certifications, including the Asbestos Removal Supervisor Course and Refresher training, Working at Height (PASMA) and CSCS.


Throughout this project, Enviraz were wary of the sensitive environment we were operating within, and made relevant changes to our working methods and practices to ensure minimum disruption and inconvenience to staff, pupils and visitors.  Working closely with GCB we were able to implement a program of decanting and relocation of pupils and staff while ensuring continuity in education.

Enviraz spare no expense in ensuring that our operatives are provided with premium plant, equipment and consumables. This ensures we are always at the cutting edge of new technology and innovation in the asbestos removal industry. We regularly take part in regional meetings with our trade association, ARCA, to discuss forthcoming legislation and industry “best practice”. This enables us to implement new techniques and technologies before their introduction via legislation and ensures we are always on the frontline for innovation.