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NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Contract Value: £750,000 per annum
Contract Type: Framework Agreement

Project Description

From 2012, Enviraz has provided both planned and reactive services to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGG&C) within a variety of premises including hospitals, clinics, offices and research facilities. Most of the works comprised the removal and disposal of notifiable and non-notifiable asbestos products from a variety of locations.

All works were conducted in partnership with NHSGG&C either during refurbishment works within existing buildings or in advance of forthcoming demolition projects associated with new, innovative construction projects. Enviraz were employed as framework contractor, directly answerable to NHSGG&C who managed all aspects of the contract.

Enviraz’ role varied throughout the contract and was not exclusively to provide asbestos removal. Due to the vast portfolio of services Enviraz can provide, we were regularly approached to undertake electrical, heating engineering and maintenance work within environments known or presumed to contain asbestos. The provision of these services, mostly within working premises, helped ensure NHSGG&C activities could continue unaffected. 

Enviraz has provided NHSGG&C with a full spectrum of services, epitomising our 24/7 delivery model, as we tailored our works to suit the client's demands and strict schedule. Enviraz worked closely with NHSGG&C to ensure each and every project was continuous, with seamless transitions between project sequences.


Enviraz’ role throughout the project was that of framework contractor, with NHSGG&C providing overall management of the facilities and welfare provisions.
All works were completed in line with asbestos legislation, guidance and approved codes of practice with relevant air-testing regimes and strict reoccupation processes implemented throughout the duration of the contract.
As most projects were undertaken within fully operational premises, Enviraz had to carry out works with a full appreciation of the environment and while conscious of the potential impact of our activities on staff, patients and visitors. Working together with NHSGG&C, we coordinated works and communicated our plans effectively to provide our service within this sensitive environment and meet defined project goals.
Enviraz were responsible for all isolations of the works with our asbestos trained electricians and plumbers appointed to remove and isolate services fixed directly to asbestos products or within asbestos contaminated environments.
All subcontractors utilised throughout the project were pre-vetted and appointed from the Enviraz pre-approved contractors list.

Project Team

The contracts team of Robert Whitehill and Kevin Grehan were the Lead Contracts Managers for the duration of this contract. With nearly 20 years’ combined experience in the asbestos industry, they acted as the focal point of our operations and the main point of contact for our client. Our contracts management team was backed up throughout by our Health & Safety Officer Officer, Jonathan Green, who gave additional support to all areas of the contract.

The on-site supervisory and operative teams hold the relevant certifications to undertake their activities safely and efficiently. These include: Asbestos Removal Supervisors/Operatives Courses and Refreshers, PASMA, IPAF, Red Box Systems, CSCS and confined space entry systems.


Throughout this project, Enviraz were aware of the sensitive environment we were operating within, and made relevant changes to our working methods and practices to ensure minimum disruption and inconvenience to staff, patients and visitors. Working closely with NHSGG&C we were able to implement a program of asbestos removal works and associated services while ensuring continuity of medical care.
Enviraz spare no expense in ensuring our operatives are provided with premium plant, equipment and consumables. This ensures we are always at the cutting edge of new technology and innovation in the asbestos removal industry. We regularly take part in regional meetings with our trade association, ARCA, to discuss forthcoming legislation and industry “best practice”. This enables us to implement new techniques and technologies before their introduction via legislation and ensures we are always on the frontline for innovation.
Our 24/7 delivery model enabled us to meet our client’s strict schedule while our quality, environmental and safety management systems ensured works were carried out to the highest standard, resulting in client satisfaction.