Working with the transport sector poses a variety of issues for all contractors working within ‘live’ operational sites. These issues include: a vast range of building types and environments, premises of all sizes, huge footfall of 3rd parties likely to be effected by the works.

Taking these factors into account, we draw on our expert project planning skills to ensure we don’t impact on the day-to-day running of our clients’ businesses. We also work together with our clients, to ensure that prescribed parameters surrounding space limitation, noise pollution and visual pollution are taken into consideration.

For work within these environments, we consider segregation to be vital in ensuring disruption is minimised and to ensure the safety of 3rd parties. Segregation can range from solid barriers or hoarding to semi-permanent walls for our longer-term projects.

Enviraz also have a range of pre-assessed sub-contractors available to monitor and enforce the correct security measures, where required.

Often operating as part of a long-term client framework agreement, we are able to set up a professional, extended, on-site presence with extensive communication links. Our safety processes and emergency response capabilities are a vital part of our success with our existing client portfolio.

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