Case Studies


Randolph Wemyss Memorial Hospital, Buckhaven

Contract Type - SBCC Minor Works
Contract Duration - September 2018 to October 2018

Project Description

Asbestos Sprayed Coating Removal within Boiler house.

NHS Fife provides a comprehensive range of primary and community-based healthcare services for the population of Fife and is responsible for the employment of approximately 8,500 staff. Representing a catchment area with a large rural population, of circa 360,000 people, varied geography across several centres of population NHS Fife depends on the continued operation of community-based facilities to successfully provide healthcare solutions across the region.

In August 2018 Enviraz successfully tendered for and were awarded the contract for the Removal and disposal of asbestos containing sprayed coating from within the boiler house of Randolph Wemyss Community Hospital in Buckhaven.


The project commenced on 29th August 2018 and ran for 28 days with Enviraz’ role being that of principal contractor, responsible for overall management of the project and the provision of welfare for all operatives and tradesmen present onsite.

Working closely with NHS Fife and their appointed Analytical Company we were able to implement a program of asbestos removal works and associated services while ensuring continuity of medical care. The initial scope of works comprised of:

  • Cleaning of stored items, where practical, and removal from working area;
  • Removal of sprayed coating debris from all surfaces and disposal of contaminated items;
  • Removal of unsealed sprayed coating from ceiling areas using the wet injection technique;
  • Fine cleaning of wall and ceiling surfaces to remove residue and areas of possible overspray;
  • Encapsulation of surfaces upon completion with an approved product.

The project was undertaken while the hospital facility remained fully operational therefore Enviraz had to carry out works with a full appreciation of the environment while remaining conscious of the potential impact of our activities on staff, patients and visitors. It was clear from the outset that our presence onsite, complete with our working area set up, would unavoidably encroach into the hospital access road and pedestrian areas. As part of our duties as principal contractor, we implemented a safe segregated route for pedestrians and a bespoke traffic management system for all vehicles arriving to hospital grounds. The procedures implemented, were subject to regular monitoring to ensure their effectiveness and suitability.

In addition, Enviraz played an important role in maintaining services to the functioning building by assisting NHS Fife in the installation of a temporary boiler system, which would continue the supply of hot water and central heating to the hospital during the shutdown of the main boiler house during the asbestos works.

Only through working collaboratively with NHS Fife, were we able to ensure that our plans were communicated to all parties, allowing project goals to be met and maintaining consistent service provision within this sensitive environment.

Enviraz and NHS Fife held regular progress updates throughout the duration of the asbestos works and it was during one such meeting that NHS Fife requested Enviraz submit quotations to reinsulate the pipework within the boiler house and install a false ceiling once the works had been completed.

We were able to procure quotations from specialist service providers from our pre-approved sub-contractor database and submit these within the timescales required by NHS Fife. The quotations submitted proved to be acceptable to NHS Fife's estates department and variation order were issued to enable the works to be scheduled.

All asbestos works were completed in line with asbestos legislation, guidance and approved codes of practice with relevant air-testing regimes and strict reoccupation processes implemented throughout the duration of the contract.

Our customer focussed service delivery model enabled us to meet our client’s strict schedule while our quality, environmental and safety management systems ensured works were carried out to the highest standard, allowing us to achieve our overarching ambition of delivering the ultimate client experience.

Project Team

Enviraz Contracts Manager, John Miller was the lead client contact for the duration of this contract. As a Senior member of Enviraz Operations Team, John’s experience within the asbestos industry was crucial to the fulfilment his role as the main point of contact throughout the contract. John’s responsibilities included management of the site staff, resource management, coordination with tradespeople and client liaison. Throughout the contract our Health & Safety Officer, Jonathan Green, Compliance Officer, Tony Donnelly, and experienced, office based, Support Team were available to provide additional support as and when required.

The on-site supervisor, Paul Gallacher, undertook direct supervision of works, and all on-site operatives held the relevant certifications: Asbestos Removal Supervisors Courses and Refreshers, PASMA, IPAF, Red Box Systems, CSCS and confined space entry systems.