Case Studies


University of Glasgow – Boyd Orr Building

Contract Value: £660,000.00
Contract Type: Measured Term Contract

Removal and disposal of Asbestos products from a variety of locations within the 1960’s concrete and brickwork building in Glasgow’s West-End. The works involved the removal of asbestos materials  from risers, transom panels above doors, ceiling tiles and fire break panels within ceiling voids.

Works took place from Level 11 down to Level 1 over the course of 14 weeks with works phased to ensure minimal disruption to building users, staff and students.

Upon completion of asbestos removal works, Enviraz arranged for the reinstatement of all removed products with associated joinery and redecoration works included within our project remit.

Although works were completed at the weekend, running 24hr shifts, both during term time and the summer break; the building was still widely occupied throughout these works.


Enviraz’ role throughout the project was that of principal contractor.
Works were completed within asbestos removal enclosures, under fully controlled conditions, complete with negative pressure, to remove asbestos products. Upon completion of works, each area was subject to a 4-stage air clearance to ensure the area was safe for reoccupation.
Although works were planned to be carried out during times chosen to cause a minimal disruption to building users, Enviraz were still aware that this building was still fully functional with staff and students sometimes requiring 24hr access to perform research activities. In recognition of this, Enviraz had to carry out works with full appreciation of the environment, and be conscientious towards staff, students and visitors. Working together with Glasgow University Estates and Security Services, we were able to coordinate works and communicate our plans effectively to provide a bespoke service within this sensitive environment and meet our client project goals.
Welfare on-site was provided by the client with Enviraz granted full use of building facilities. This included an area set aside as a site office, a meeting room, toilets and food consumption / preparation facilities.
Enviraz were responsible for all isolations for the works with our own asbestos trained electricians and plumbers appointed to remove and isolate services fixed directly to asbestos products, prior to removal works commencing.
All subcontractors utilised throughout the project were pre-vetted and appointed from the Enviraz pre-approved contractors list.

Project Team

Ralph Cruickshanks, was Lead Contracts Manager for the duration of this contract. As head of Enviraz Operations, Ralph’s near 30 years’ experience in the asbestos industry was beneficial as he acted as the main point of contact throughout the contract. Ralph was supported by Contracts Manager, Brian Redpath and Health and Safety Officer, Jonathan Green.

The on-site Supervisors Les Kusztelak and Paul McNicol hold the relevant certifications including, Asbestos Removal Supervisor Courses and Refreshers, PASMA, IPAF, Red Box Systems, and CSCS accreditation.


Enviraz spare no expense in ensuring that our operatives are provided with premium plant, equipment and consumables. This ensures we are always at the cutting edge of new technology and innovation in the asbestos removal industry. We regularly take part in regional meetings with our trade association, ARCA, to discuss forthcoming legislation and industry "best practice". This enables us to implement new techniques and technologies before their introduction via legislation and ensures we are always on the frontline of innovation.

Works took place over 14 weeks and were planned for 24hr weekend working. This was to ensure that building users were not disrupted by Enviraz’ works. This enabled Enviraz to complete works every weekend and hand the working areas back each Sunday night, for reoccupation on Monday, allowing seamless transition of works and ensuring minimal disruption for building users.

Works and operative access/egress routes were segregated throughout to ensure those using the building over the weekend were not affected by our activities.